Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Climb Every Day

Every climber knows that the most effective way to train for climbing is to climb.  That's all well and good for someone who lives by a climbing area.  For me, the closest outdoor spot is over an hour drive, and the nearest indoor gym is almost an hour away.  Both are simply too much time in the car for a busy person like me to climb as much as I need to.  That being said, I have been able to find some websites who offer climbing specific training programs.  The best one out there that I have found is Mountain Athlete.  They claim to be "the premier training gym in the world for mountaineers, climbers, big mountains skiers, adventure racers, snowboarders, professional snowmobile racers, explorers and alpinists."  They offer fee-based online programs, seminars, personal training, etc., and have an awesome (free) list of exercises designed for climbers.  But I have never really been big on going to the gym, or lifting weights, or anything like that.  I would much rather do my sport of choice than train for it.  Weight training is just so monotonous and boring for me.  So I got a hangboard.  And what do you know.  That got monotonous, and tedious, and boring in no time at all.  The only way for me to guarantee that I train the way I want to is to have an engaging training aparatus.  And the only solution is a home climbing wall.  So I went about building, and ended up with this.

It's pretty steep, and only 8' wide and 8' tall, so it too can get mundane.  And while I didn't climb on it quite as much as I thought that I would, it was a good start.  Enter Bourdo and his (hopefully) soon to be house.  It's only a five minute drive from my house to his, and he has a three car garage.  My garage is about as big as the above photo....So construction has begun on his home gym.

See the wall where the kayak is?  Picture my wall there.  We will be moving my wall to his garage hopefully in the next week or so.  And since my wall is overhanging, it will meet up right next to the existing roof.  Further plans include an even steeper section just to the right of my section, and additional extensions into the rafters!  The problem of not being able to climb almost every day has finally been solved!  I'm sure that what we've built so far is enough to keep us interested for quite some time, and the simple addition of my section and beyond is really going to open up the possibilities.  Climb ON!

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