Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Filter out the Noise.

I got my new quarterly copy of Alpinist Magazine today, and as I was paging through it I came upon a page talking about the essential book Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills.  The first sentence on the page reads, "I learned how to climb through trial and error and Freedom of the Hills," says twenty-five-year-old alpinist Colin Haley.  That is pretty much how me and most of my friends learned to climb too, and it got me thinking.  With the amount of information at the finger tips of the average twenty-five year old, it should be easier than ever to research and learn about whatever it is that one would like to do. 

When I need to make a repair on my boat, I don't go to the Mastercraft dealership.  I go to their owner forums, find the answers to my questions, make the repairs myself and save a boatload of money.  If I need information on the stock market, I don't turn on CNBC to listen to the talking heads, I go to Stocktwits and get my information from real traders.  And when I was researching aiders for my climbing trip out West in a few weeks, I dusted off my copy of Freedom. 

The quantity of information is astounding to the point of overload.  The problems now are becoming the abilty to filter out the noise, and maintaining the discipline and focus to achieve goals amongst the constant barrage.

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