Saturday, October 16, 2010

Musings on Wandering

OK, so the subject of my first two posts has been information science.  But that isn't really the intention of this blog.  My original intent was to have a place to talk about both the climbing trips and adventures that I have, and also about how a person in a place as flat as Minnesota can train for success in the mountains.  I now realize that this blog is destined to address a much broader range of subjects, but I want to be sure to give a special focus to climbing when I post here.

Today is The First F***'n Fantanstically Fun Fall Flash Fest, and it's going to be awesome!  The FFFFFFF is a bouldering competition in someone's backyard to benefit The Minnesota Climbing CoOp.  On the Facebook event page it says they have 94 confirmations and 68 maybe's, so it should be a full house.  I have never seen the wall we will be climbing on, but I have heard that it is radical.  Plus a shoe demo from Five Ten, a raffle, and Food all for a $20 donation!  The scoring system is rumored to be quite comlex, and is based 50/50 on skill/luck, so I'm hoping Meg G dominates! 

For someone whose only available places to train for climbing are limited to the same 3-4 outdoor climing walls convenient to the Twin Cities, a couple small homemade indoor walls and the even less engaging hangboard training regimens, events like this can't be missed.  They not only give you a little break from the monotony, but it also gives a chance to meet new people, learn new techniques, and maybe even get some new ideas for things to do with my home gym. 

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