Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lip Luxury

It's November, ladies and gentlemen.  Or should I say Movember.  The video tells you what Movember is all about, but the gist is that I will be growing a moustache for the next month while raising money for prostate cancer awareness.

My friends Aaron and Steph met a couple Aussies in Asia last spring who told them about Movember's beginnings in Australia, and how it was spreading across the globe. I had never heard of the phenomenon, but over a quarter million people participated last year with many more expected in 2010. Even The Minnesota Wild are getting in on the action. My grandpa Dick died last winter from prostate cancer, so when Aaron brough the idea up to me I ran with it. I started a team called Dick's Moustache Heroes with a few friends, and we are going to see what kinds of sculpted beauties we can come up with! I have been taking a photo with my webcam every other day or so and posting it to the Movember web site.  Click here to visit my Mo Space where you can see my progress photo's, and you can also donate from there too.  It's going to be a fun month, and I'm hoping to have a sweet 'stache by the time we get to the desert in a couple weeks!  Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on so far.....taken less than a half hour ago.

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