Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On-Road Trip Report Part 1 - Home to Vedauwoo to Moab

Wow does weather ever make a difference!  Last year we had some cold temperatures at night, but had moderate temps and sunshine pretty much every day.  This year is quite another story. And while we have definitely not climbed nearly as much as I would have liked at this point, the burleyness of what we have done is quite impressive.  From tenting it up in the ditch on I-80, to trudging through the snow in search of some killer boulders in Vedauwoo, all the way to Moab and Castle Valley where we braved cold temps and fierce winds (not to mention the brutal approach) before bailing off of the Kor-Ingalls on Castleton Tower, so far this trip will be memorable for the suffering more than the sending.  And this is OK for more than one reason.  The first being that it is OK simply because it will be memorable, and secondly because it's only Tuesday.  And even though tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be a little chilly, we are chasing the sun now, and it's going to be almost 60 and sunny in Colorado Springs on Friday and Saturday.  Perfect weather for crushing sport climbs.

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