Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful for Roadtrips Part 2

It is amazing how fast trips can creep up on you.  We leave for Utah in nine days, so that only leaves eight possible training days between now and then.  Toss in a rest day or two, and we barely have any time remaining to get our bodies in shape.  Last year at Thanksgiving we took a similar trip to Utah.  We left Minnesota with grand aspirations and much optimism, but were served a rude reality check upon arrival.  And while we still had an amazing trip, we were drastically unprepared for many of our objectives.  This time, I have vowed to be physically prepared with the only thing possibly holding us back being psychological hurdles.  We have been climbing in Bourdo's garage almost every day, and we are all definitely getting stronger.  Hopefully the next eight days will be enough to make our objectives (which haven't changed much from last year) feel like simple top ropes in Taylors Falls.

After Vedauwoo, which was talked about in a previous post, the plan is to head to Salt Lake City for a couple days.  There is tons of climbing near SLC, so it is going to be difficult to choose where to spend our two days.  We are leaning toward Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon's, but we shall see.  The American Fork looks amazing, too.  Problem's we may run into in Vedauwoo and SLC include snow and cold temperatures.  But as Bourdo said tonight, "We are hardcore Midwesterner's.  We can handle a little cold and snow."  Regardless, we will be able to find relatively good temps in Moab where our real objective of Castleton Tower is located.  The Kor-Ingalls route on Castleton is listed in 50 Classic Climbs, so we may give that a go.  Our other option is the North Chimney route. Both are supposed to be excellent, so I don't think I could forgive myself if we don't at least try getting on top of Castleton this time out.

My Mom is having Thanksgiving at her house this year, and I had to tell her that once again, I am not going to be attending.  But I explained to her that the simple fact that I only have to take three days off of work and get a nine days of climbing in an amazing setting is too good to pass up.  And you know what?  She seemed to agree with me!  Toss in the possibility of standing on top of that monster tower, and staying home for turkey and stuffing isn't even an option.

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