Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful for Roadtrips Part 3 and the Notion of Preparez-Vous

Five more work days, and it is on....dare I say like Donkey Kong?  We have seen the Grandparents, guaranteed days off from work, pored over guide books, deciphered the weather forecasts for all areas of our circuitous journey; all amongst numerous other preparations before leaving this Friday.  All we have to do is pack the car, and we are on our way.

Last week, I heard on the radio that the rules are changing for tobacco companies.  They are now going to be forced to put much stronger warning labels on their products and cover much more of their advertising real estate with said warnings.  The new warnings will be more than textual as well, including pictures of nice, fresh, pink lungs next to blackened smoked-out lungs and pictures of dead bodies (seriously). Bourdo, Steph, Megan and I went on a climbing trip to Canada the first week of August last summer, and upon buying a pack of Canadian Classic cigarettes, we realized that they already have that type of tobacco warning system in Canada.  And on that French-Canadian pack of Classics, right next to a charcoal lung, is a list of things to do to help quit smoking.  Item 1 on the list:  Preparez-vous!, which translates literally to Prepare yourself, but was translated on the cigarette pack to Psych Yourself Up!  And while I think both translations are phenomenal, it's the "Prepare yourself" translation that has kept me motivated the past few months.

I find it a tad ironic that my cool new motivational phrase came from a pack of smokes, but regardless of how the message was delivered, it still manages to illustrate the power of having a phrase or a sentence to serve as a reminder to ones goals.  Eastern religions use Mantra, Western religions in a way use prayer, corporations use Mission Statements, and Vision Statements, and life coaches use a combo platter, but it is all kind of the same.  And I have learned first hand while training for this trip that having Preparez-vous! in the back of my mind has been a really powerful tool.  Don't feel like climbing tonight?  Preparez-vous!  Can't climb tonight and don't feel like doing sit-up's?  Preparez-vous!  It really is amazing how just thinking the phrase can sway my decision just enough to make myself get up, quit being a bum, and do what has to be done to prepare for what's ahead.  So get out there and buy yourself some cigs!  And find yourself some words that are easy to remember and will remind you to Preparez-vous!

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