Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trip Report Part 1

We're back from the trip in one piece!  We had a fantastic journey, and finally were able to get some climbing in (and experience some good weather) once we got to Shelf.  I liked everything about Shelf.  The approaches weren't too bad, and were actually quite good for getting the muscles loose in the morning!  And the climbing is amazing.  This was my second time to Shelf, and for whatever reason, I didn't really think it was anything special my first time there.  Maybe it was that we only had a day there last time, didn't camp, and had a tough time getting oriented.  This time was a whole other story.  I loved the ways that the climbs made you think and move, and the routes seemed to go on forever!  Plus, the camping is awesome and is only $4 bucks per car load!  I just posted Part 1 of the video for our trip.  It includes footage from the drive to Vedauwoo, bouldering at Veda, and getting stuck on I-80 and being forced to camp in a blizzard in the ditch!  Part 2 will be finished shortly and should contain the rest of the trip. Here's the link to the video on Youtube.  And here's a sweet shot that Bourdo got of us from below Castleton Tower!

While it almost never feels good to come home from climbing trips in amazing places, it's been cold here, so I'm looking forward to the Sandstone Ice Fest in a couple weeks.  Time to sharpen the crampons and ice tools, and get ready for one of my favorite events of the year.  Click here to visit the Sandstone Icefest Website.

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