Sunday, March 20, 2011

Springtime In Canada

Obsession has yet to succumb to the Sendingtime Duo.  We could come up with excuses all day about how the ice was rotten to the point of being nothing more than compacted snow.  Or, we could complain about being tired from driving all through the night, parking on the road beside Obsession, and sinking our tools into the snow 20 minutes after getting out of the car.  But I would be lying if I told you that my calves weren't screaming, and it would be a ruse to suggest that I was in the right headspace to be leading WI4 ice.  It is true that the ice on the bottom of the climb was in terrible condition.  The ice was closer to really compact snow making the protection provided by our ice screws questionable.  This section is luckily not very steep, so Bourdo led through it without incident.  It seemed that the steep section of ice at the top of the climb which is set further back in the narrow slot stayed out of the sun leaving behind solid ice. However, neither of us had the gumption at that point to lead a 40' dead vertical pillar of ice, so we decided rapping off was a better plan.  We didn't make it any further this time than we did the first time we gave it a try.  Needless to say, we still have an Obsession worth travelling to Canada for.

The trip wasn't a total bummer!  And it's not like we didn't have fun climbing on Obsession even though we didn't make it to the top.  After bailing from Obsession, we hiked over to a climb near Tempest.  Funny story about Tempest.  My first trip to Nipigon was with Bourdo and Krazy Karl.  We made a pit stop in Duluth on the drive up to meet up with some friends at Old Chicago.  Many beverages were had by Krazy and I.  Bourdo sober-cabbed and got across the border into Canada that night - a story in itself...  The next morning, Bourdo and I geared up to climb Tempest.  But after the fun night in Duluth, Krazy was having none of Tempest and spent his day in a sleeping bag in the van.  Anyways, there are a few climbs next to Tempest, and Bourdo and I found success on a climb called Pause For a Whisper.  WI2 was definitely the right price for us!

Even though we weren't able to send Obsession, Canada was amazing to us as always.  But the most amazing thing that happened this week happened to America.  And here it is.  I had to go to the store the other day, and instead of getting in my car and driving up there, I rode my bike.  It's spring time people!

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