Sunday, October 16, 2011

Motivational Malaise

I have been feeling discouraged as of late.  Aaron and I have been climbing in the garage four or five days a week, and I just returned from an amazing weekend climbing in Spearfish.  The problem is that I climbed pretty well in Spearfish, and the weekend got me super stoked on climbing.  Now I'm back in Minnesota and it's been tough to get out to the crag.  There are always excuses.  Either the weather won't cooperate, other commitments get in the way, I can't find a sport climbing partner, etc.  It is so easy to let excuses get in the way and fall into a motivational malaise, and I have been feeling my climbing headed in that direction. 

The problem with despondency is that it is self perpetuating, and the smallest of obstacles seem to get in the way of everything you do to try to get back in the groove.  When feeling the need to re-motivate, one of the best ways to get out of the funk is to do something new. Shake things up a bit, but don't wait for the stars to align to take action.  Inaction is the greatest killer of motivation.

Today was an amazing fall day where I had absolutely zero commitments.  The Vikings didn't even play until Sunday Night Football.  The excuse of the day?  I couldn't find a sport climbing partner.  In my present state of depleted motivation, that fact would generally be sufficient to shut down any hope of me going climbing today.  However, feeling the need to do something to kick start my engine, I decided to venture out to the Louisville Swamp National Wildlife Refuge which is home to a glacial erratic boulder the size of a school bus. 

Here's a short video of my adventure:

I don't know if my motivation is going to come roaring back with a vengeance after today, but I did have a great time.  I climbed outside 38 days last year, and my goal for this year was to shoot for 100. Unfortunately, I'm going to be lucky to hit 50 days this year.  But that doesn't change the underlying goal to climb more outside.  And it is important to use days like today as building blocks for getting closer to reaching my goals which will in turn help cure my motivational malaise.

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  1. Great Video!!
    Matt your a climbing beast!
    I LOVE your climbing goal!
    It's a bummer that life gets in the way of FUN!
    SOOO much to do and SOOO little TIME!!
    Keep the Dream ALIVE!
    Adventure ON!!